Professional & Presentable Drivers

Our drivers are highly professional and experts in communication. After all, an effective communication between driver and the passenger is a must for a great ride. The drivers are in a position to have a free communication with you regarding the destinations that you want to visit.

Punctuality & Reliability

We will never leave you stranded and waiting. Our team of drivers is highly punctual and dependable.

Well Maintained Fleet of Vehicles

Our cabs are well-kept and facilitated enough to keep your rides cozy and comfy throughout your stay in the city.

Licensed Drivers

The best part of hiring a cab for your visit is that you don’t have to drive at all and are free to enjoy and relax throughout the journey. Hence, we provide you with licensed and trained drivers to make your trip safe, secure and enjoyable.

Having Complete Knowledge of the city

Our drivers have knowledge of every nook and cranny of the city and are well aware of the route and the destinations that you want to visit. Furthermore, if you are missing anything in your itinerary our drivers can cover that for you.

Get Complete Information About A Heritage Site

You will be provided complete knowledge in regard to the history of the heritage site you will be visiting.

Complete Checks are done before hiring a driver

We, at Amritsar Odyssey, do thorough background checks on our drivers before hiring. We guarantee your peace of mind for your entire stay in Amritsar.