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Amritsar Odyssey

Welcome to the Holy City of Amritsar; a gorgeous, glorious and graceful fusion of tradition, history, food, and culture. The city descends its name from the ‘holy pool of nectar’ around the Golden Temple. ‘Amrit’ means elixir and Sar is short for Sarovar, meaning a lake. Historically known as Ramdaspur and colloquially as Ambarsar the city was founded by the fourth Sikh Guru Ram Das Ji, and depicts the cultural glory of the Indian subcontinent and holds a valuable historical importance.

Amritsar never fails to roll out a magical wave of enchantment & trance on its visitors who are captivated and enthralled by its different views and sounds. Another attribute of Amritsar, which is bound to bewitch you, is the hypnotic aroma of the delicious and delectable food.

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